Maintain your sobriety on holidays.

Lanny, the Indian singer

Years ago when my brother Paul was alive, he introduced me to an Indian family. I was so honored to meet true American Indians. They were beautiful with their brown skin and jet black hair. And no, they weren't red. My brother Paul was a humble and gentle man who loved his beer and lived … Continue reading Lanny, the Indian singer

Please keep my neighborhood in prayer?

Please keep my neighborhood in prayer? When I first moved in 3 years ago where I am now in Pittsburgh, I had a neighbor who was outrageously loud and rambunctious. It was horrific. I didn't want to keep asking for prayer every day as some Christians now think that all you want is attention. I've … Continue reading Please keep my neighborhood in prayer?

When the world drives you crazy

I am sulking a bit right now thinking about one of my childhood friends. She has and is going through so much in her life. I don't know how to feel right now. Her mother died a few years ago and her own family didn't even pick her up to take her to her own … Continue reading When the world drives you crazy