Good Friday morning! November 26 2021

Good morning! We made it to Friday November 26 2021 Let us continue to thank God each and every day because if it wasn't for Him where would we be? God's love is a consuming fire. Think about his goodness and the beauty of his holiness. Think about all the things that he brought you … Continue reading Good Friday morning! November 26 2021

Maintain your sobriety on holidays.

Gobble gobble

Thanksgiving was a true blessing from God

Happy Thanksgiving 2021!

Happy Thanksgiving 2021! Today we thank the Creator of all things for his grace and mercy. We thank him for his ever-loving presence in our lives. May your day be filled with joy and laughter, peace and tranquility, peace is what the world needs and love. Invite someone over for a nice dinner that you … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving 2021!

I honor God for honoring me today.

I asked to be added but didn't expect this. This is beautiful. I give God all the praise and glory! God bless the Jefferson College Historical Society. May they 'want' for no thing.

Good Wednesday morning November 24, 2021

God is good and worthy to be praised and honored this morning! Father God your skies are awesome, your sun is doing what it has been assigned to do and so shall we. Just as the sun beams light we will do the same and spread abroad the freedom that there is in Christ Jesus. … Continue reading Good Wednesday morning November 24, 2021

Walmart delivery takes great pics! Lol.

The lady delivered our groceries today and then took a picture to prove that they were delivered, and the picture was outstanding. You get that "Little House on the Prairie" effect.

Dream: November 23, 2021

I have to record this dream because I feel like it might mean something to someone. Last night I had a dream that I was in a house with many rooms, a nice house, and there were happy people in it when water started to flow through the ceilings and through the floors. It was … Continue reading Dream: November 23, 2021

Happy Birthday to an oldddd friend. ;)

Good Tuesday morning November 23, 2021

Have a blessed and prosperous day in Jesus name. May you bless others as you are being blessed by our Father in heaven. Hold no grudges and don't allow this world to make you bitter. Keep a smile on your face and the warmth of Jesus Christ in your heart. Tell the Lord you love … Continue reading Good Tuesday morning November 23, 2021

Good Monday morning! November 22, 2021

I decree and declare that something good is going to happen to you today and that you have a beautiful Monday in Jesus name. God's hand of protection is all over you and you're covered by Jesus blood. Nothing by any means will hurt you no matter what your eyes see or your ears hear. … Continue reading Good Monday morning! November 22, 2021