Emmanuel even in the Marine Corps

Around this time in 1981 I sat on my bunk at USMC Parris Island, S.C. listening to my comrades laughing and crying from receiving Christmas letters, gifts and cards. I never received anything but I knew that God was with me. I was not really alone. Being the oldest in my Platoon and the Carrier of our Guidon, I knew that I had to stay strong so I held back my tears. I had just turned 21 on the 7th, everyone else was 17-19 years old. 3 Months later, I graduated and came back to East Liberty Pittsburgh Pa where I lived. W402 Penn Plaza Apartments. I came home to an apartment a stereo and a mattress. I had to beg the landlord to trust me to the money that I owed because my check from the Marines hadn’t come in yet. By the grace of God they let me in.

God has seen me through some really strange and hard times. He was my comfort and today, still is. If you are feeling lonely or left out, know that He is with you. You may not see Him or hear Him always, but know this, God is with you. Converse! He loves it. You’d be surprised how He answers in His own time. #staystrong


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