Dream 101022

Last night I dreamed that I was friends with Tyler Perry, probably my dream angel friend, everybody’s got one. An d friend of mine, Tracy W. And her family had gotten evicted from a cute apartment which still had there belongings in it. When we walked into the apartment a man was coming out of the top floor door with a brown shopping bag full of their belongings. I said something to him but he continued to leave with no explanation. Tyler and I split up to check things out. I saw an old organ, a smaller one in size. I thought to myself that it may have been my old one but it wasn’t. I looked up on a huge shelf and saw dinnerware carefully wrapped one plate at a time. It looked like shelves full of crepe cakes. Plate by plate, wrapped individually. There were animals there that liked me and were drawn to me. There wasn’t much left after the looters I suppose. They had lost that cute and quaint house, I was surprised.

Tyler and I had a love relationship of some sort. Not sexual but in heart. I felt protected with him around. He was tall.

I don’t know why I dreamed this but I pray for my old friends family. I always pray when I dream of someone.


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