Holy Spirit Revelation

Lately God has been giving me strong revelations that are making people stop in their tracks and check themselves....even me. After you begin to be used by Holy Spirit revelation there's nothing else that adds up to it. I wonder how many preachers in this world are actually going around preaching the Word of God … Continue reading Holy Spirit Revelation


Happy Wednesday Morning! August 31st 2022

Recite the scripture below to remind yourself of the blessings of The Power of Habit. Z = Zain/Zayin, Revealer of secrets, Zion, Zenith, brightness, countenance. Zayith (olive), illuminating. Alleged password of the Essenes = Zaphnethpaaneah. Zem zem = Holy Wall in Mecca. Use this when you have been rediculed, mocked or disbelieved or when the … Continue reading Happy Wednesday Morning! August 31st 2022