Learned a mattress lesson.

For years I’ve had 2nd hand mattresses. Some were too soft, too old and for the last 5 years too hard. I had a 2nd hand Sealy Posture Pedic and because it was a Sealy Posture Pedic I kept it. It was so hard that I began to have problems with my body. My body began to hurt. It had no play (extra movement) or anything. It was cute but was like a brick. I thought about slicing the side of it to remove some of the stuffing but stuffing was in the old days. This thing was filled with hard springs.

After moving to my new country residence, I thought to use my son’s old blow up mattress from when he stayed with me a while when he got his new job at a certain oil company. (Fracking.) This mattress is a dream! God had to give me the idea because I never would have thought of it on my own. You can blow it up enough to make it sturdy or you can let some air out to make it softer. I like it at about 85-90% filled. I asked a good friend about it and he said he’s used them for years. I was sold.

You have to try it folks. It plugs in and you can fill it up about every 2-4 days according to your liking. It only takes seconds to do so.

The moral is: Just because something or someone has a good name it doesn’t mean that it or they are good for you. 😉


God bless.


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