Another night visitation

I had an evil visitation last night. As I was lying in bed I was partially awake and I heard something say to me “Something just walked past me.” I looked up to the right of my bed between my bed and the wall and I saw a tall, black, figure, standing at my right side. I screamed with a siren screen and called on Jesus and it went away. I always tell God, “Whatever is of you I accept and whatever is not of you I rebuke and refuse.” I screamed like I did years ago when I was walking home from Bible School with my children and a big black dog approached us. I screamed with the loudest scream so loud that the black dog immediately turned around to run home and got hit by a car instead. I was sorry for the dog but he wasn’t going to get my children. He had literally charged us and I knew that it was the enemy sending him. I know God gave me a voice to sing and I love my voice, but when I get bombarded by something that I don’t understand like that, something evil, that scream comes out of me and whatever it is… stops. I believe that my voice is a blessing in more ways than one. Since I was awake I laid there and prayed for all of you. Like I told the Lord, if it is of him I accept and if it is not I totally refuse. I don’t have time to play games with the devil. He hates me and I hate him. I like it that way.


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