What is a Mother?

{Invocation} What is the true meaning of a mother? The definition of a mother is a woman who gives birth or who has the responsibility of physical and emotional care for specific children. She brings up (a child) with care and affection. One who gives birth to but not necessarily always birth. 2. What makes a … Continue reading What is a Mother?


Don’t try the electric dog collar

Forgive the bleeps! I hate the electric zapping bark collars, so I purchased a humane citronella collar. When a dog barks, it shoots a blast of citronella under their nose and apparently, they don't like it. This morning I was getting the collar ready and filled it with the citronella liquid. And that's where my … Continue reading Don’t try the electric dog collar

Good Saturday morning May 14th 2022!

Good morning! If you are alive and God rose you up this morning praise him and bless his holy name. The Lord says to you today "Just as the picture shows sweetness, goodness and something to enjoy that is what I do for you. I give you sweetness and goodness and for you to enjoy … Continue reading Good Saturday morning May 14th 2022!