Tithing revised.

The truth about tithing.



                        “Tithing Revised” by Rev Essie Scott

Good Morning, Good Afternoon and/or Good Evening wherever you are. I pray that your day is blessed and if it doesn’t seem to be going that way…..Bless it yourself! God lives in you. Today the topic is “Tithing Revised.” Now years ago, I felt a lot different than I have been feeling lately. I have to admit that, because of greedy preachers and abusers of the Word, I had become hard-hearted about tithing and even lost some so-called “friends” over the topic. I didn’t absolutely hate tithing, no, but I was morbid about the way that ministers stood in the pulpit and instilled fear about tithing upon all who listened. God is not pleased with the fear-mongering going on in His pulpit today. And no, God is not going to strike you and your household with illnesses or flatten your tires, but He…

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