The Travis Scott concert and your kids

The Travis Scott situation that happened where hundreds died, happened because God is going to use young people and he's going to use people that you would least expect and the Devil knows so he's trying to get their souls first. So be careful how you judge. The church has been quiet, clapping to boring … Continue reading The Travis Scott concert and your kids


Foolproof your ministry

For the longest time I've always felt bad because my prophecies would come after another prophet prophesied on the same subject and it made me look as though I was copying after them. But today, 11 09 '21 Perry Stone whom I'd like to call the great Prophet prophesied something that I prophesied these past … Continue reading Foolproof your ministry

Good Tuesday morning! 110921

Have a blessed Tuesday, a beautiful morning, and an exquisite day in Jesus. Rise up and tell the world whose you are and who you are. Let everyone know that no weapon formed against you will prosper. Know that every battle that comes up against you you've already won in Christ Jesus. What are you … Continue reading Good Tuesday morning! 110921