1st day of fall, Hurricane season?

Who else is sick of hurricanes? Raise your hands.

Dream 5/6/21

I was in a Chinese Store with many awesome things in it. Closed in a bit, not so big but beautiful. I saw something that looked like a brown clock with beautiful designs in it but it turned out to be stickers hanging on a rack. My daughter and I both saw it thinking that … Continue reading Dream 5/6/21

Good “1st Day of Fall” morning! September 22, 2021

Today marks the first day of Autumn 2021! Aren't you glad that you made it to this point? This is the time when the leaves on the trees change colors and God shows off his colorful and magnificent artwork. I hope that you have a blessed autumn with many more spectacular ones to come in … Continue reading Good “1st Day of Fall” morning! September 22, 2021