How to hardstart an imac for your sanity.

Recently I had the experience of my keyboard going down on me on my iMac. It began Saturday September 18th and it just ended. I was in tears because my ministry is mainly an online ministry. I tried everything that I was told to do online and none of it worked. Here’s one and I will show you a screenshot:

….. and here is a screen shot of the second:

and now I will give you a screen shot of the third one:

I have to admit that they all worked very good with the exception of not doing what I needed them to do. Once and a while your CPM or CPR or whatever they call it acts up in your iMac. It will cause your cordless keyboard to miss-type. I was so upset about this I decided to go ahead and give you my secret that just worked today, September 20 2021 at 11:13 AM. And here is my secret and I hope you enjoy it:

….go into your attic or basement and get your ‘corded’ keyboard, plug that baby in, and type away! Be free from the demons that are trying to bind you. 🙂

God bless and have a victorious day.

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