Sin by Cell Memory

Sin by Cell Memory

When hearing an instructor of any kind telling people to clean up their act, repent of their wicked or perverse ways, or instructing people to do a 180, some of us automatically think that it is their job to say the same old proverbial words from coliseum to coliseum, town to town, state to state or country to country. What we don’t realize is the deeper innuendoes of what they are telling us.
Cell Memory:
Within our bodies are many cells, atoms, molecules, neutrons and protons. We are made by an all-seeing, all-knowing and omni-present God. He is everywhere. He made everything and is absolutely everywhere. There is nothing good or evil that doesn’t have His ‘gene’ in it. He even says in Isaiah 45:7 that He even created evil. When you see any evil thing, it has just lost it’s direction and is governed by chaos which leads to destruction. There is nothing that exists without God in some way. If it wasn’t for His breath, nothing would live. The trees that people worship, they are His. Tree worshipers just don’t realize that God is bigger than the tree. The Sun that people worship, it’s His. Angels keep the Sun lit for us. Thank Him and them as well.

Whatever you do in your life will be retained within the cells of your body. Jesus wipes us clean and makes us a new man by the renewing of the mind…..and sometimes the body. There are those who have received physical healing known or unbeknownst to them. Every cell in your body contains some degree of memory. Scientists and doctors have studied and verified this for years. You can give your cells either good memories or bad ones. God tells us in the Book of Deuteronomy to choose which life we want, either good or bad. He says that if we choose life, we will live good and if we choose darkness (or death) we will die. We read many times in the bible where God tells us the His Spirit shall ‘quicken’ our mortal bodies.
Ps 71:20; Ps 80:18; Ps 119:25, 37, 40, 88, 149 and 150; John 5:21, 6:63; Romans 4:17; 1 Cor 15:45; Ep 2:5; Col 2:13; 1 Tim 6:13 and 1 Peter 3:18.

Energy is for all to experience. You hold onto an emotion and you begin to form the body to sustain it. That’s why the bible says “Be ye angry but sin not.” When you get angry, ask God for a cleansing and a renewal of your mind. Don’t carry that thing around with you. Actors and actresses can drop or gain weight after making a movie because they didn’t harbor the emotions that came with the character or gaining or losing it. Don’t give negative emotions a birth certificate. Elisha died and they threw a dead man on a dead man’s bones and the dead man arose. The positive energy entered the body of the dead man. Cell memory. Paul gave people his clothes cut and ripped in small handkerchiefs and they were healed. Cell memory. A preacher wears an article of clothing that his mentor wore and doubled the church membership. Cell memory. Something downloads.

Ladies, every man that you get starts conforming to what you have formed. It becomes emotional DNA. You put one man’s gene into another man. You can transfer dis-ease to someone else. You meet someone new and wonder why 5 months later the relationship is ruined and they are acting like the man before him. Not only is it spiritual but you deposited that DNA into his system. “Where there is confusion, there is every evil work.”

You keep saying that you don’t want any kids when you are younger and when you are old enough to enjoy them, you can’t have them. Your cells remembered your wishes.Your cells share information with each other. To some people, all of your pregnancies lead to miscarriage. Your eggs send messages to others behind them and say, “now remember they don’t want any children.”

The Great King David once said, “Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me.” He knew that he had deposited something negative in his ‘system’. He knew that he needed a ‘cleansing’ and asked God to do so. That one sin was enough. He had limits and boundaries. He knew that he had to stop or his entire countenance, mind and body would change for the worst of Israel.

Know right from wrong and plainly do it. What God says is right is right, and what He says is wrong is wrong. Repent, change your cellular DNA.

Agape, Rev. Essie Scott

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