Gettin’ my ‘country’ on!

You see our cot don’t you me and my daughter plan on sleeping underneath a few of these beautiful trees all around our place. Getting countrified again and loving it.

Do you know when God has something for you he has it for you and no one else. All he wants you to do is to accept the blessings that he has for you. Just simply say yes. God is a good God, he’s a good father he doesn’t need any help all he wants to do is love on his children amen? Now here is what I would like for you to do, give God all of your attention, give him gifts since he gave us his best gift which is Jesus Christ his son.

We spend too much time on ourselves. We don’t spend enough time on the Lord, or talking to him in a daily conversation. Sometimes I talk to him more than once or twice a day. He is my conversant. They used to make fun of old ladies when I was younger because it seemed like they were talking to themselves and little did we realize as youngsters is that these old ladies were talking to their husband the Lord God Almighty. They knew what they were doing while we as youngsters had no idea what we were doing, where we were going, or what we were going to become.

Enjoy your life and thank the Lord.

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Thank you and God bless. Essie

One thought on “Gettin’ my ‘country’ on!

  1. Yes Yes Yes I’m waiting on my season!!! Just Beautiful, God Bless You Sis Thank You for Sharing. Amen 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼💜💜💜📖


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