I lost Jesus.

Good Evening everyone. I feel so guilty right now. I had a beautiful gold and silver cross that I bought at Kohl’s years ago and well, I did something odd and I feel a little strange right now. The cross is pure gold and it is beautiful but….there is a replica of Jesus attached to it. Jesus is silver. Here is the problem, it always bothered me that Jesus hung so sadly on that pretty cross although we all know that He died on it BUT rose from the dead which is the victorious part of all that He did.

Tonight, I decided to take Jesus off of that cross. I dug under the body part and tried to pry it away but the gold began to bend. I got my scissors and ‘clipped’ the hands and feet away and they snapped off somewhat easily. (So glad that they didn’t break His bones on the real cross.) The cross looks nice and I cleaned it up but I lost Jesus! He flew across the room somewhere when I clipped him and I can’t find Him anywhere. I am so glad that we can’t lose our Jesus that easily amen?

Crosses are just a memorization of what He did for us anyway. Jesus is no longer on that ol’ cross. He’s alive in us via the Holy Spirit that He left us. Jesus rose and got victory over sin, hell and death JUST for us. He gave us freedom in Him. Isn’t that wonderful? Praise the Lord and amen! Well, I hope that gave you a little giggle tonight to lighten things up a bit. In times like these, we need a lightening up. Pray that I find my Jesus soon. God bless and thanks for reading.


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2 thoughts on “I lost Jesus.

  1. Oh well none of us know what Jesus looked like any way it’s just a fact image, but one day we’ll look upon the face of the REAL JESUS WHO DIED ON THAT OLD RUGGED CROSS. Amen 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼💜💜💜📖


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