This March weather is confusing.

The old saying that “you won’t be able to know the seasons besides the changing of the leaves of the trees” is true and quite biblical.

It’s March 30th and I want to start gardening and doing outside stuff but it’s not really time. I have my Zucchini plants outside but I had to cover them with a black bag last night due to an alleged upcoming frost (that never came.)

My Blackberry bush is doing well after I cut about 3 feet off of it so it can grow wide instead of tall and wobbly. I’ve been trying to shape it for three years now since planting it.

I can see that our bushes ( neighbors and I) are just beginning to slightly turn green but it’s not fast enough for me. After this odd so-called Winter, I need some normalcy but, my friends, I think those days are gone. The bushes and trees are ready due to the beautiful 🌞but the Earth 🌎 is still cool.

Oh well! Here I sit, still attempting to exercise patience. Patience can be nerve-wracking but boy is the outcome excellent.

Have a great and 🌞 day fellow gardeners. And yes, I have some painting to do this Summer. 😉


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