Pittsburgh Airport dream 2/4/21

Last night I dreamed that I and some friends were going on a trip. We arrived at the Pittsburgh, Pa. Airport but decided not to go on our trip. We ended up running down the aisle, into stairwells, passing floors with doors and then to the basement. I remember trying to get outside of the building. It was hard to find the right door that went outside. Finally I found the exit and ran as though someone was chasing me. I think we split up from one another. I remember someone was missing from the crowd. We ended up about a half mile from the Airport. I was asking people how to get back to the Airport and one man pointed the way and I began to walk back.

I don’t know if we were ‘shaking’ someone off but it surely felt that way. You know, sometimes, when God gives you a blessing, it is not always for someone else. You may share at the beginning until you find out that it really wasn’t meant for you to share. God wanted you to have it by yourself. Those people may not be qualified to handle your blessings.

I believe that we should keep some things to ourselves. It’s a shame to have to take a fake trip or fake ANYTHING just to shake somebody. That could have been the moral to the whole dream. We were pretending to go somewhere until it got down to brass tacks and we had to run. I once dreamed that God gave me a beautiful set of wings. I tried to give an old acquaintance a ‘ride’ by picking him up. Each time I attempted to ‘fly’ I couldn’t. He was too heavy for my wings. After a while, I was forced to refuse ‘riding’ him and I gained my freedom once again.

Be careful who you let into your camp. They may not be meant to be with you. Or they just could bring on a curse that you weren’t meant to carry.

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