Proof that there is a spiritual side among us

With all of the comedies on TV about relationships and family you would think that we would get along better in our relationships and our families. The reason that we don't is because the spirits around us that we cannot see are sending us evil transmissions that we are picking up on. The reason that … Continue reading Proof that there is a spiritual side among us


The wreck dream.

Last night I had a clear dream of a military type of vehicle, like a jeep or Hummer that backed into the left side of a black limousine that I was in with others as well and it pushed us to the right but no one got hurt. I remember seeing the limo being pushed … Continue reading The wreck dream.

Good Monday Morning! 10/5/20

1 Kings 17:17-24 /NEW LIFE FOR THE DEAD /It must have been a severe trial to Elijah’s faith, first to note the gradual diminishing of the brook; then the abject poverty of the woman to whom he was directed; and finally the illness and death of her child. But through it all, he held fast to … Continue reading Good Monday Morning! 10/5/20