Times have really changed.

When I was young, growing up in Canonsburg, Pa., home of the Polish King, Bobby Vinton and the Crooner, Perry Como. We had fun indoors at night. Parents would go out on weekends and have a good time while babysitters made us kids popcorn and sat us down to watch Chilly Billy on WIIC-TV, Pittsburgh with a show called Chiller Theatre. We’d watch Vincent Price and all the spooky guys back then. We weren’t out like the kids today, screaming and yelling at 10-11:00 at night. And not only do the kids cry and scream, the parents do it as well now.

The innocent old-fashioned people have to lie in their beds or sit in their homes listening to the sounds of the weak who consider their kids as friends and sometimes nuisances. “Aw let ’em run!” they say. “Their just kids!” “Billy behave yourself! I’ll count to three!!” Really? Did that ever really work anyway? Those same kids today are the ones flipping the bird in the faces of police. Theres so much violence anymore.. And at 11:00 at night? It sounds like the parents are the kids. There is so much disrespect. And everyone is heated at the littlest startling.

(Father God forgive us for our trespasses?) Folks do you know what a trespass is? Knowing that you are doing wrong and not correcting yourself. This is why Jesus said, “Forgive us of our trespasses AS we forgive those who trespass against us.”

Sometimes as human beings we just don’t know when we are doing it but there are a lot of times that we do.

Times have really changed.


#wpxi #wiictv #pittsburgh #chillybilly #chillertheatre #disrespect

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