How God used Avon to save my friend.

Please pray for my friend? God knows her name.

I sent her an Avon package, no call back. I sent another, no call back. She just called me and told me that she fell in her apartment and laid there for four days until her neighbor finally came in to help her. Get this, God is good….. the lady was bringing her the Avon boxes that I had sent to her place from Avon as a gift. Evidently if it wasn’t for the Avon, God only knows what would have happened. She went to the hospital and then to a rehab. She had high blood pressure, low sugar and sores on her leg which hurt horribly. She literally sat for 4 days and finally made it to the door to let her neighbor in. I am beside myself right now. She had her cell and her little phone with her and couldn’t think of my number to call me. She sounds good now and her family is ordering food for her and bringing her nice fruit, etc.

You never know when something is going to happen to someone you love. Keep an eye on those in your heart. One fall put my friend in a horrible situation. I bless our God for keeping her and sending help through her neighbor.

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