I will not turn against my Jesus for anything.

Where they went wrong........ Around 2006 I received a letter, telling me about learning "special knowledge" and being a part of a "special" team of great, rich and knowledgeable people. It said that I would be surprised of the well-known rich people who are in this group. This mysterious letter seemed so intriguing and who … Continue reading I will not turn against my Jesus for anything.

Our battle with “Creation”

We are creators like our Creator. The words that we speak create our atmosphere around us. If we speak negatively, negative things will be drawn to us. We are creating. If we speak positively, we will receive positive things. What happens when the entire World is aggravated with negativity like those things that we hear … Continue reading Our battle with “Creation”

Beware of distractions

The Lord has been showing me that we have to be careful of many distractions. I received the warning the other day, and today, one of my fellow songwriters emailed me with the same message from another messenger of God, therefore I am passing this important message on to you. There is so much going … Continue reading Beware of distractions