Our President invokes God. Amen.

Ya can’t say he didn’t ask. Amen. Thank you Father God. Abba, forgive our nation? Let your children stand in the gap for those who don’t know how or don’t know any better. You have a lot of us out here on the battlefield and we know that we’ve already won. We pray for those who may have left this Earth too soon during this battle. We pray for comfort of the families and loved ones who cared. In your Son’s Holy name, Yeshua HaMaschiach, Jesus The Christ, we command this #Coronavirus to stand down. Coronavirus we command you to dry up and die. Disintegrate as fast as you came. We send this curse back to the sender. Father God, this is not of you for you are good, loving, kind and extremely forgiving. Cause people to see that you are not angry at them but you want them to recognize your son Jesus as their Savior from all of this ‘mess’ that is going on down here. Man makes a mess, You Father, make Peace, bring Peace and sent us the “Prince of Peace.” Let all who agree comment below this post. – Revessie

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