You cannot adjust what God has already created


As I lie here in my bed reading a book as I love doing before I go to sleep, I happened to feel my right pointy finger, forgetting how I seared it on my new Wok that I bought last month. I was tempering the pan and got to the last part by the handle which is more difficult to do since it was near the wooden handle. After tempering that part, I grabbed the pan to move it so that it could cool so that I could season it with oil. Sure enough, I grabbed down too far and seared my finger. I was so excited about my new pan that it didn’t bother me too much. I just immediately grabbed an ice cube and placed it in a paper towel and held it against my finger for a few minutes. After removing the paper towel and ice cube, I saw where it healed so quickly that it didn’t bubble at all. For a month I walked around with this, what I thought would be a, permanent part of my body. I was happy about the quick healing until about 2 or more days ago.

I began to notice that the hard skin was beginning to crack and chip off piece by piece. “Oh well!” I thought to myself, “That was an interesting experience.”

The thought just hit me that the skin on my finger is God’s design. Nothing that we can do will change it. The skin was meant to be smoother, not hard and cracked. We can’t change His design. Even when you see people like veterans who were burned or blasted in the war, or women who got burned by horrible and demonic boyfriend’s, their skin, no matter the damage, still ends up smooth in a way. It’s God’s design.

When we go around trying to make our bodies the way that we want them to be, or add something new to the equation, it altars the original design. We are telling God that we don’t appreciate the way that He made us. Losing weight or exercising is different, that’s for health purposes. I mean, when we altar our faces or looks somehow or change our anatomy, that’s a slap in God’s face to me. You are giving The Creator an “F” on His report card and telling Him that He could have done better.

I suppose that I will just sit back a few more days or so and watch my new regenerated skin come in and thank God for it. Meanwhile I believe I’ll make chicken fried rice in the a.m.

Thanks for reading.

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Rev. Esther R. Scott

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