My Jesus blanket.


With me having a Daycare for so many years and also having that wonderful (being sarcastic of course,) young orphan life where you just could not sleep in or you’d be marked as being lazy, I began to have a hard time sleeping as I got older. 

Daycare memories: 

Sometimes in my daycare I’d have people drop their children off at 5 a.m. and not pick them up. I would have to call the grandmothers and grandfathers to come get their grandchildren which would be around 12 a.m. that night/morn. And then I would have to get up at 5 a.m. to receive children again. 

I barely got sleep for those 10 years. Then you’d have those children who would move their bowels just before their parents would walk through the door and that would make you a bad daycare provider. Also there were the children who used to scream like something horrible was happening to them for approximately 3 hours after the parent dropped them off or until they’d fall asleep. Everyone slept but me.

And I can’t forget the people who wouldn’t feed their children from Friday until Monday until they came to “Miss Essie’s Daycare.” The same ones would call the state on me when they got angry about something although their children were starving at home. And God forbid that you should make a demand on your personal time and ask the parents to come on time. Don’t get me wrong, I had some awesome parents and kids too. There are some who talk to me online and it is soooo good to see them again. God is good.

Once a State Inspector came to visit me unannounced, due to a complaint and I happened to have 2 slow cookers going that day for the kids and a cake on the table. He said himself, “Wow! You must really have enemies! This looks great. The children are not starving.” I said, “I know who it possibly was. Was it a guy with a soft, fluffy voice?” He said, “Yes.” I knew it was a disgruntled old boyfriend at that time so, we sat in the kitchen for about an hour talking about fishing and the like since he knew my Uncle and used to go fishing with him. It turned out to be a fun time. I’ll never forget that. 

God always gives His children favor. I found out things through the years that I wasn’t supposed to find out and got favor when others didn’t therefore I am truly satisfied. People would be surprised what I know. God gives me seats-at-the-table in ways that others cannot replace or reproduce. They try and just when they thought that they’ve arrived “in my place,” God moves me in a greater way. They followed the wrong seat. Mine was higher, greater than what they first saw and ran with. 

Ministry memories:

After being ordained I became a confessionary booth. Everywhere I went and in every apartment that I ever had, my neighbors would come to me and gossip about each other like I was a Catholic Priest with a Portable Confession Booth. Everyone wouldn’t do it just those few who were Energy Vampires. Watch out for those kinds of people. They’ll suck the life out of you. 

I have a Prayer Group online on Facebook but people still feel that they have a hall pass to contact me every morning while I am trying to say “Good Morning” on my Ministry page. I’ve had times where many people from all around the world were trying to ask for prayer, say good morning or just try to get attention from me….at one time, and I had to tell them to simply join my group and post their requests at their convenience. They catch me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In and Messenger. Nothing works. They don’t want to post, they want me to do it. I don’t know if they are embarrassed to post or if it’s just more convenient for me to do so. I want to hear it from them not myself. If every post has my name on it, that can get a bit boring you know?
Here’s the link in case you’d like to join:

The wonderful, outstanding remedy:

A few years ago, I was shopping on Route 19 in Canonsburg, Pa. and saw a beautiful brown and tan, soft blanket at the store. It was a twin size for about $90. I absolutely loved it at first site. I had an odd feeling that I was to ‘look through the stack of blankets’ and I’d find a prize. God has a way of blessing His children without reserve, you just have to know His voice when He speaks to your heart. Sure enough, I found a Queen size, the same beautiful blanket, that would fit my Queen size bed at a lower price than the twin. For some reason it was on sale for $29 or maybe even lower I can’t remember but it was between $19.99 and $29.99. I could not believe it. I just stood there and almost cried and said, “Lord I know this is you.” I thanked Him, checked out, prayed on it, and I have been sleeping well ever since. Well, at least until some crazy neighbor screams in the middle of the night or something. 

I call my new Blanket, my “Jesus blanket.” It’s my gift. No matter how bad my day went or what someone did or said to me, or how tired I feel during the day, when I hit that bed with my Jesus blanket, I am gone, outta here. I Am tired now but I Am going to make sure that all is done for this day before my body feels that Jesus blanket waiting for me. 

Moral: God is good, all of the time and NEVER runs out of gifts for His children.

Keep your heart open to Him and watch what He will do. 


P.S. Using one of my move in pictures therefore the room is not the cleanest (you can see the moving boxes) but you can see my blanket that is COVERED BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS so don’t go anti-Christ on me.  Luk 1:45  And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord. Num 22:12  And God said unto Balaam, Thou shalt not go with them; thou shalt not curse the people: for they are blessed. 

Thanks for letting me rant. 😉
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