2010 Sermonette

Due to my love for the Lord I will not be answering any demons, devils, or imps today, or ever. I will study my bible until the Spirit of the Lord reveals more of His infinite goodness to me. And I personally choose to pray for everyone who lives and breathes, just like someone once prayed for me.
Yes, as much as you would like to admit that it didn’t happen, it did, somebody prayed for you. We all would like to think that we are self-made men and women but in all actuality, we are not! Someone somewhere loved on you and made you the apple of their eye albeit your grandmother, grandfather, mom, dad, rabbi, preacher or priest. (Let’s pray that it was a healthy, God-like relationship as well since so much is going on in the church recently.)
God is a good God and said in His Holy Word that if you continue to live a holy life, holy and acceptable unto Christ, He will bless you and bless those who bless you. Continue to believe on and in Jesus and His sacrificial blood that covers you as a Banner called “Love” and you will want for nothing.
You are a blessed, fertile ground for someone. If you’ve been practicing the commandments and statutes of the Lord God Almighty you are fresh, fertile ground deserving of a good planting so that you and your household can reap the blessed benefits of the first fruits that will appear. Anyone who plants upon your foundation will be blessed as well. God says that He will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you. This is one reason that we are to turn the other cheek and pay no attention to the nay-sayers and haters. God is your defense, they will get their due reward.
It’s time to turn around and take care of those in the world who haven’t gotten as far as we have in our walk with Christ. We need to learn to plant seeds of faith, love, abundance, prosperity and Joy with one another, and others! God has so many blessings for us if we’d just take out the time to accept them. We’ve learned to plant, now let’s learn to reap for the harvest is now here. It’s not ‘coming’..it is here. Do not grow weary as you hold your baskets out to recieve. God will fill them just as He did when He fed the 5,000.
Be blessed!
Rev. Esther R. Scott
September 28, 2010 ยท

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