A heads up to my Facebook friends.

I just feel like explaining some things to you today hoping not to be taken as vain or condescending. When I first started on the internet, we had a Ministry Group called New Birth Interceders on Yahoo in 2006. 13 1/2 years ago. Some of my friends didn’t have a great computer and some didn’t know how to do their phones good so I started sending beautiful pictures and scripture, etc to make them smile and brighten up their day. I had just bought a brand new computer at that time and I wanted to be a beacon of light for people as we, as Christian should be. 
Then, Facebook came along. At first, it was a platform for school and college kids before parents caught on. Do you remember that? I do. Anyway, I parked my jurassic HP and bought a Mac that did even more beautiful things with pictures and the like. It was nice and a blessing. 
My friends loved and enjoyed my posts. We (moderators and I) moved the group to Facebook and I continued to share there. What I’ve found now is that everybody now is more computer literate, and my posts are not as important as they were at one time. Well, not to use the phrase “not important” per se’ but others are now doing what I used to do for a few. We all are doing it now. We’ve learned throughout the years how to post, start groups, download pictures, post links, etc. which is actually awesome! 
So when you see me online posting pics, jokes, recipes, my businesses, links, etc., please have patience with me? No, I am not double-minded as I have been accused of being, or confused. If you don’t like them you can just skip over them or unfriend me. I’d hate to see that but quiddity….it is what it is. I don’t feel it to be necessary to apologize to people. And no, I am not a know-it-all and neither do I want to be. I was just once, a leader of what was once said to be one of the biggest Christian Groups on Yahoo and I guess it’s still in me. 
So no, I am not “showing off” or “trying to be cute” I am literally having fun and making people smile. And another thing, every time you see me post something, I am not necessarily experiencing that thing/topic. So please stop saying that I am depressed because I am posting about depression for a known friend/relative or someone who called or messaged me who is contemplating on taking their own life. 
I get a lot of requests to help people from pictures, to sending bibles overseas, to helping with food, to marrying men from overseas so that they can come to America, and I am certain that I am not the only one. You don’t know what we ministers go through to be on Online Platforms, it’s much more than, “Good Morning.” And please don’t get offended if I forget to say “Good Morning” I am not doing it on purpose. Also, please don’t say that I am jealous or angry because I posted something on that topic (jealousy and anger). I’ve been labeled as jealous but trust me, it takes a LOT to take me there. I don’t hate myself therefore I am content in who I Am and Whose I Am. God blesses me too much to waste time doing that. I love who I Am in Christ Jesus. 
So the next time you see me posting something, know that it is probably for one of my 5000 or nearly 5000 friends that I have (unless Facebook has removed a few so that I can click on a stranger (?) to replace them.) It’s not personal, I Am in the Field and it’s rough out here. Please pray for me? If you don’t like me, stop peeping what I do and unfriend me? Can’t stop, won’t stop. 
Thanks for understanding. God bless, Rev Esther R. Scott
P.S. Throw a stone in a pack of dogs and the one that gets bit is gonna holla! (Not that anyone is a dog, it’s just a term.) 
P.P.S. The one that dips their hand in the bowl with me…..

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