Good Health news for me and I wish good news for you as well!

God is good!
I have Good News! My doctor just called and said that my sugar level dropped!!! I was a ‘7’ (A1C level) and just went back down to a ‘6’ and she was pleased with it and so am I!
I have been trying something that I’ve seen online many times and I believe that it worked. I asked her about taking daily shots of ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar with the “Mother” Braggs brand actually.) along with Orange Juice. I asked if it could have affected my Blood Sugar Level since it is known to “cut sugar.” She said, “It just may have but we have to do more study on it in your case.” I am so happy! I do believe that it works because I have not only received good news from my doctor today but I’ve noticed weight loss, clear skin and less mucus in my body (nose, throat, etc.) Some of my old band-lined shorts are actually almost dropping off of me and I was the “belly-built” type most of my life especially after the birth of my children. I asked them to take their ‘houses’ back but they won’t. Lol.
Last year the doctor wanted to put me on needles because my sugar level had gotten so high. God is good! I am sooooo relieved. I prayed for healing each day that I thought about it or included it in my prayers. I now pray for healing for each of you. When God shows you the ‘way’ in your life no matter how it comes to you, give it a try. You never know… just may be Him.
God bless! And have a “healthier” day! 🙂
Essie 11-28-16

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