Micromanna 11-23-2016 is now on YouTube!


Way to go, Rev Essie!
Micromanna 11-23-2016 is now on YouTube.

 Micromanna 11-23-2016

Be like Elliott on Leverage


One of my favorite characters on T.V. named “Elliott” was getting the beat down on Leverage. I was shocked to see that the producers would allow that to happen to my boy! He was beaten, bloody, bruised and I think his ribs were broken. The opponent that was fighting him yelled, “Why won’t you go down!???!” Elliott looked up with a smile knowing that the opponent was showing how tired he was by this statement. Elliott rose up with his “extra stash” of power and beat that man unconscious. Who or what is YOUR extra power? How much can you take? #Patience #Winning! 


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