Ever aging but growing wiser


As I grow older I see now why older women used to sit in the window in the darkness of their apartments and houses. I see now why they just properly set at the window with no lighting behind them looking out, minding their business. Some of them may have been beaten in the past. Some of them may have been abused and lost boyfriends and husbands. Some of them may have even lost children. The older I get the more I understand. They may have lost that thick, plush hair which is now embarrasingly thin. They may have missing or broken teeth. They may have gained weight and became out of shape so to speak. They may have lost they’re best friends. They may have lost an awesome pet.

Yes I see now why they acted the way that they did when I was young. They were not Old Maids. they were not witches. They were hurt women, lonely women, women who just wanted to be loved. And some may have just been old, tired and happy with how their lives turned out. Thankful. 

Now that I am growing a little older I feel as though I can relate. One thing I do know is the fact that there is a God high above us all who saw it all and is going to reward us generously for all that we have gone through in our lives and he loves us.

So if sitting in the darkness as the sun goes down is misunderstood by younger Generations so let it be. I will sit in the dark until I am ready to turn on the light. I will feel the Cool Breeze on my forehead and my neck from the fan that is on the floor. I will listen to the chirping of the birds as the sun goes down in front of me, taking with him my problems of the day and burning them to nothingness. I will be thankful for another day. I will thank my Creator for all that He has done. I will thank Him for allowing me to be me.

Ever aging but growing wiser,




About Rev. Esther R. Scott

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