The little town called, “Professional.”



The children jumped rope in Mid-Town Square as the ice cream man happily rode by

Lucy, braided Cindy’s hair, as their mother baked Ms. Ethel a pie.

The boys played football in the street, the girls sat watching and giggled

The men sat on porches playing Bid Wisk as young women walked by with a wiggle.

“Hot fun in the Summertime” blasted so loud, as grandma’s baked rolls, cakes and pies

The children played “store” with the leaves from the trees, as tipsy Veterans told stories, and some lies.

New babies, new love, fresh air, grass and sun, kept the energy-flow in this place

Men went to work and mommies did too as their thoughts scattered within time and space.


Some went to college, some went to schools and got placards, certificates and license

Some elderly passed on to a higher place, but got celebrated with food, roses and hyacinth.

Lovers quit and couples broke up and friends hearts tore apart at the seams

As life itself moved on with a rush, and the “established” now played on different teams.

Friends moved too far and time too expensive as folks tried to be exceptional

With priorities awry and expectations too high, down went the Little Town called Professional.

Today when you ride through this tumbleweed town, you can almost hear ghostly laughter

It is just your mind tuning into the vibes of, Professionals “unhappily ever after.”

Essie Scott

27 May 2016

P.S. (Don’t allow life to choke out your spirit.) Peace.



About Rev. Esther R. Scott

Rev. Esther R. Scott - The Gold Lady @RevEssie Affiliate of Karatbars International Gold Company, Stuggart, Germany ·
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