…and now YOU know…..


That which is continually repeated is over.  The cosmic jokers strategically placed must reveal their face.  The quick sand dissipates as the illusion glitches.  In that moment the jig is up.  The wheel designed to keep us perpetually running no where falls to pieces.  The natural eye that was preyed upon opens up to the dimension.  Walls cleverly designed begin to crumble, the attack meant to leave you dead, only left shallow scars and a realization of who you really are.

Many of those whom you thought were with you are still entranced, even flipped.  The corner stone finally takes its permanent setting, the warrior becomes a beast.  Our identity is what was hidden in a very enigmatic way.  Puzzles and false corridors threatening the very sanity of your existence.  Legs unable to move, and screams unable to be heard are now replaced with dunamis power.  In a sense we’ve…

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