God is on my side

Please pray for my family. We almost had a fatality tonight. Long story. I am so worn down right now but trying to stat ‘happy and alert’ for the sake of all my friends. It’s funny how people tell you “Don’t hesitate to call me if you ever need someone to talk to” then when something drastic happens and you need someone, you reach for the phone and say, “maybe not” because you just don’t feel like there is anyone out there who really cares. There is so much competition out there now a day and game-playing that it’s hard to know who is really on your side and who isn’t. It’s also funny how people tell you what’s wrong in their lives and you give them a listen but when you want to talk you are “depressing” or “boring.” But you want to know what? I gave it all to God and He’s got my back. Amen. (He has yours too.) G’nite loved ones. ~ Essie

~ Rev. Esther R. Scott ~





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One Response to God is on my side

  1. trecey920 says:

    I got you and family in prayer. This shall soon pass.

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