Why Are Olympic Medals Gold & Silver? Mike Maloney

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Good Friday Morning to you! 24 July 2015

Good Friday morning to you! Maintain the skill of being you. When anything tries to stop that from happening, silence yourself, sit back and watch and pray. The situation will rectify itself and the Power instilled within you will, as always, multiply and magnify with each lesson and bring you a boldness like never before. Never … Continue reading Good Friday Morning to you! 24 July 2015

Go Fund Me Donations

http://www.gofundme.com/4m4v4b4v84vFor the past 3+ years New Birth Ministries/New Birth Bible Institute has produced many fiery and Spirit-filled ministers of the Kingdom of God in various countries. It is not by our own might but by God Himself Who is our Director. We plant spiritual seeds and The Holy Spirit waters them. Each month we send internationally, … Continue reading Go Fund Me Donations