Father, thank you for today…


Father God please bless all of my friends and family and cover them with your Blood in Jesus name. Take away any sadness, lack, loneliness, aloneness, and un-forgiveness or bitterness that there may be in their lives. Free them all from any bonds that may be attempting to hinder them from living the lives that you intended for them to live. In Jesus name, I bind the enemies of their souls and show them that no weapon formed against them shall prosper and all that rise up against them shall fall. Thank you Jesus for shedding your precious blood on the Cross just for us. We thank you for rising us up yet another morning when some were not able to do so. Cover our households, friends and families as well. We even pray for our enemies that their hearts will be open to you so that they can see who the real enemy is. Forgive us Father for the times that we’ve made each other the enemy. 

Lord Jesus, the Anti-Christ spirit is rising up more each day and trying to make Your followers feel as though You aren’t good enough, that You aren’t real and just a figment of our imagination. he is raging and ravishing countries and groups of people and making the lives of others miserable. Lord, we thank You for giving us a personal relationship with You so that we can shout to the World that You are Lord and Savior. Please strengthen those who are weak in hope and faith? Just as You have done with those of us who are continuing on in this spiritual to natural battle. We may feel beat up, used and abused but thanks to You we are not dead. We made it thus far and we intend to continue to make it until that Wonderful Day of seeing Your Feet part that Eastern Sky. 

We lift up to You today all of our loved ones and we place them and their prayer requests into Your hands as You sit on Your Throne in the Highest Seat possible that no one can imitate or surpass. (Isaiah 14:13. Thank you for that example Lord.) 

Lord send miracles to those who need them. Let the blind see and the sick be made whole, the deaf hear, the single have helpmates, the fatherless have fathers, the motherless have mothers. Cause those going into the hospital or those who are already in hospitals, to be healed so quickly that the Doctors believe and begin to testify in public about Your Goodness. May evil run from the You-in-us.

Oh Lord, I could go on and on but I know that you see, feel and hear my heart. Baruch Atah Adonai! We shall shout it from the rooftops in more ways than what we think! Thank You for being so good. Cause that little one to smile today. Amen. 

Meet my daughter Alexi if you haven’t.

Something is new about her to those who already know her. What is it?