Someone could be thinking of you and you won’t even know it so smile!

It is so cool to get a letter like this in your email letting you know that you are important to someone.  From my old friend Deb (d) :

Begin forwarded message:

A song is running through my this morning as I consider all of the people whom I consider a true lifelong friend. Thank you, Essie for being on that list.
Patti LaBelle (words changed slightly)
You are my friend
I’ve known since way back when
You are my friend
You might not say a word
But I see your face and I know you care
The thought of you helps me carry on
When I feel all hope is gone
I see the world with brand new eyes
Your love has may me realize
The future looks bright to me
All because you are…
You are a blessing!
❤ you!


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The stealing and selling of human hair….rediculous.

People, we can’t get any sillier. Not only did they steal all of this hair, do they realize that it could have been dedicated to false gods before they came here to America? So then, not only are they stealing something, they are selling and giving away possibly-false-God-dedicated hair to innocent people. Most people(s) who sell this hair to us are false-God worshipers and possibly in witchcraft. Know your source. After all, we do have Google and You Tube.

Pray over EVERYTHING that you bring into your house! Not to sound over-religious but it’s truth. You never know what someone did over your food, hair, paintings, furniture etc before you got it.‪#‎CommonSense‬

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