I prayed for you last night.

God woke me up out of a deep sleep last night at 3 a.m. which is called the Hour of Prayer by many who have experienced it. It has been said that if you continue to see ‘333’ it is a sign from God to pray. (Hence, Jeremiah 33:3). If you wake up near this hour it could be God calling you to pray. Give it a try. Trust God that you will get your rest. Afterward, I went right to sleep just like a baby. It’s a very peaceful time in most places. God shows me things personally during my prayer times that I never could tell anyone, neither do I wish to because they wouldn’t believe me. Sometimes things that God has for you is only for you. Please believe that. You cannot tell everything. He speaks to us in individual ways that is so beautiful and loving that it fills any open spaces in your heart that need closing and healing. I speak healing to your soul right now in Jesus name. (As I type this.)
As I laid down during one of my recent prayer times, I began to get revelations from the Spirit of God that were so unusual, beautiful and loving. The thought hit me, and I began to cry and whisper, “Now I see why Daniel did it.” The Word says that Daniel went to the window 3 times a day to pray. That takes a lot of dedication especially if you are living in a hostile society who has taken your people captive, much like we are today with so much evil running amuck. That certain  prayer time made me feel as though time had stopped just for me. Nothing mattered, no ones opinions, bills, money, arguments, food, water, nothing. God was filling me with the Water and the Meat of the Word. 
Last night, at 3 a.m. I prayed for everyone whether I knew them or not. Last night, I prayed for you. No thanks is needed. I just wanted you to know that. I hope you prayed for me as well. 

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