Today’s thought 4 Sept ’14

 I pray for all ministries right now, great or small, that are under the attack of the enemy. satan doesn’t want any of us to do anything for the Kingdom and will use any tactic that he can to stop us or dissuade us which sometimes includes those who are supposed to be loving us and praying for us. Some people need a glue stick for their lips instead of chap stick. They hurt others with their words…intentionally with their cuts and quips.

I bind each and every tactic and person that devils use to discourage God’s people. I bind you in Jesus name. You must flee to dry places never to return to hurt God’s people. Take your brothers with you, all of you defiled, twisted and ornery spirits.
Father God, I release freedom of praise and worship over your people in Yeshua’s name. Forgive us if we’ve been counting the people and considering the recorded numbers as ‘fruit’ like King David did. Forgive our preachers and teachers that have been using that concept as being spiritually rich. You add daily such as should be saved and all who come to you don’t have to sign books to prove that they’ve changed their hearts once you’ve removed the scars. Their lives will show it. Bless you Abba and thank you for sending your Son that all should be saved. We make it so complicated, forgive us for thinking that we are the Final Judge. In Jesus name, amen. ~ Essie

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