On cursing…..I’m so upset righ tnow.

We are getting so far from the truth. There was a study done that they discussed on The Chew that says that cursing a little bit everyday is actually good for you. And the people all laughed and clapped. How?…Where??? Who came up with that idea? Who got paid for that study? 
In the Bible Peter cursed when the woman pointed him out for being a follower of Jesus. He was afraid for his life and mad. Not good. Jesus ‘cursed’ the fig tree that appeared to have fruit on it and didn’t, it dried up and died….not a good thing. How is cursing your loved ones, friends and family a “good thing?” Nothing cursed is good. Don’t listen to this new/neo mess. If you are afraid or mad….how about praying? 
Don’t curse your friends, family, household, job, neighbors, etc. 
Curse Cancer at the root. Curse Diabetes, heart attacks, skin disease, tuberculosis, Aids, Mersa, Lukemia, lesions, tumors, cystic fibrosis, scoliosis, palsies, Fibromyalgia, be mad at that. Curse that mess at the root like Jesus did so that so many people won’t have to suffer in this world. Curse hunger, lack, want. 
Sorry for the little rant. I am just flabbergasted at how silly we get down here on Earth. Too much time on our hands. If you’d like to add anything or any disease/symptoms that I forgot, feel free. (Prejudice, hatred, meanness.) 
Let’s do this. God bless. ~ Essie

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