Religion is boring….

I am fed up with religion! I am a Christian not religious. The religious are the ones who havebeen looking down their noses at me. As David said, "They hated me without a cause." I left one denomination years ago because they don't believe in a Triune God, they all stopped speaking to me! That's not God.Rev. Esther … Continue reading Religion is boring….

And it shall come to pass….

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Good point about saying, "I am"….

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Good ~ First Sunday of March ~ Morning to you!

Good Morning everyone! May you have a extra-blessed Sunday today. Remember to pray for others and for the Peace of Jerusalem. We are intercessors for others in all that we do, wherever we go. We certainly will not be called selfish Christians but Christians who walk the same paths that Jesus walked. Praying for you! Rev. Esther Scott/Min Lex … Continue reading Good ~ First Sunday of March ~ Morning to you!