March 1st message for us all.

Esther R. Scott

Stay on your guard, you may have to help somebody soon. There are a lot of things going on seemingly all at once to people, municipalites, governments, entities. A special Pastor Friend of mine told me once, “when it seems that things happen all at one time and it seems too much to bear, it’s satan.” he knows that his time is short and he is hitting people left and right, full-force.
It’s snowing horribly and municipalities are losing snow vehicles to fire. I’ve seen Pastors cars breaking down and it’s their only source of transportation. Food help is going down yet prices are rising. United States may clash with Russia soon over another country that we know nothing about. Churches are closing down. People are losing confidence in themselves over all of these satanic attacks. 
I know that some of us rose this morning feeling positive. That’s awesome. My request is that you remember those who cannot rise feeling positively today. Not to bust anyone’s bubble or anything but troubles do still exist, they will until Jesus comes. You never know what day will be your day. As long as there is a devil, it will happen. We haven’t arrived yet, amen?
Keep people in prayer. They don’t have to be huge, long, repetitive, show-off prayers. God is not deaf! Just pray? If you can help someone financially, physically, or just give someone a hand once in a while, we CAN do this. 
With God ALLl things are possible. 
Love ya,
Essie. (Me, not the Nail Polish company.  )

Rev. Esther Scott/Min Lex Scott

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