Fwd: NewBirthMinistries ~ NBBI New Moderator and we are glad!


Yayyyyy! God is good! Carla Gray is now one of our Moderators. She has been faithful and proves her love for the Lord our God. I know her personally and she is a good person with a big heart. In fact, I met her in church as she was praising the Lord with her hands up! She doesn’t have an ugly bone in her body, just the way God wants us to be. 

Don’t forget to invite your friends to our group (everyone) okay? Yes, we are still alive after being online since 2006 and we don’t plan on going anywhere. It took us a long time to learn how to moderate and fight the devil from trying to take over our group but we did it! There were times where I jumped out in my flesh trying to battle trolls and evil hearts and for that I apologize. We lost members over the contention and they are sorely missed. It was a hard battle but God helped me through and sent great help to minister unto me including my daughter, Lexi. We are being run now by some very interested and concerned members and the Spirit of the Lord is allowed to run free here. We have 3 men with us who are faithful in posting as well, you know who you are, and we thank you. Actually we have more than 3 who belong but some are not comfortable posting but they love reading and that is awesome with me as well. 
May each member be healed and made whole, lacking nothing. Please do not hesitate to give a Word, share a poem, recipe, story, or just testify about the goodness of the Lord and what He’s done for you. I know that I’ve changed the rules throughout the years but I was so flabbergasted from being hit by double-minded people that I was thrown through a loop for a while. I was trying to maintain the group. We WILL do this in Jesus name, Amen. Yes, we ARE still here. Only by the Grace of God. And oh! Don’t forget to post nice videos that make Christians smile. No bad videos or you will be removed from the group! 
Let’s get away from the humdrum of scrolling and scrolling on Facebook and get back to what I like to call, “Personal Email Love”.  Okay? Love ya, and Carla……WELCOME TO “NEW BIRTH MINISTRIES” AS MODERATOR  OF OUR GROUP MY FRIEND! You are now in the/our ministry. Glad to have you on board! 🙂

Rev. Esther Scott/Min Lex Scott

New Birth Ministries is a 501 (c)(3) Charitable Organization

To Donate: click here . or go to RevEssie.Com and click on the “Donate” page. 

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