Good Morning! 20 Nov 13

God gave us all another day. I made it through. Thank you Lord. May your today be better than your yesterday by a long-shot! ❤ Baruch Hashem Yahweh, Adonai, Yeshua!  Shalom Aleichem        <New Birth Ministries is a 501 c-3 nonprofit organization.  Donations are tax-deductible in the United States.To Donate: click here .Rev. Esther R. Scott BR Rev. Esther … Continue reading Good Morning! 20 Nov 13

Evening Thoughts.

Evening Thoughts.....We take so many things for granted in this life. We spend so much time wondering who likes us, what others are doing and whether or not we are doing the right thing at all times. We struggle with projects and give them our all without even thinking of whether it was meant for … Continue reading Evening Thoughts.