Dealing with a prodigal child?

In the story of the prodigal son, there is a special message. Verse 17 says And when he came to himself...." There are many parents chasing their children. James 1:8  "A double minded man is unstable in all his ways." Notice that the father of the prodigal son did not chase him around at all. He waited … Continue reading Dealing with a prodigal child?

Good Saturday Morning! 28 Sept 13

Good Morning!Please remember to keep Char and Linda from our online Yahoo Group in your prayers today as both have experienced strokes. For Linda to be so quiet, it must have been pretty life changing because she posts daily so if you are fasting this morning, keep them in prayer.....and me and mine thank you! … Continue reading Good Saturday Morning! 28 Sept 13

Getting Victory in Jesus, even in my sleep! :)

I fought an ugly demon in my sleep last night. He came in the form of a blind-looking old woman that creeped close to the ground with no legs. I laid my right hand on her head, held her hands down with my left hand & repeated "Satan you have no authority over this woman … Continue reading Getting Victory in Jesus, even in my sleep! 🙂