Excellent Info that you need to know. It’s time. The Dollar Bill, Hybrids, Presidents, The United States, Osiris, Masons, The Son of Perdition. Please watch!

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Eat well and live healthy

Good Morning! I'm learning to eat things today that have only 1 or 2 ingredients. Eating healthy is helping my body to more easily rid itself of digested food. Our bodies go through cycles and if you mis-plant anything in it, your body misses the proper cycle, misfires and gets confused. Muscle atrophies and depression … Continue reading Eat well and live healthy

Good Yom Kippur Morning! 13 Sept 13

13/9/13 Good Morning!The Glory of the Lord has arisen and you are a part of that Glory. Wake up happy today and shun the negative. Accept all things that uplift your spirit. As it has been said, "Chew the meat and spit out the bones" today! Know that you are prayed for, thought about and lifted … Continue reading Good Yom Kippur Morning! 13 Sept 13