Exercise works!

Even blood sugar level is better with daily exercise. I used to be between 135 and 160. The Doctor said to keep it under 100. I do believe it’s started.

85 blood glucose and I don’t feel shaky as I do when my blood sugar level drops.

Fwd: Iskapalem – Good news to the poor ministries, India

These people need covered in prayer. You know that people across the world have been hung, killed, burned out and persecuted for Jesus. Please pray for souls to be saved and that God places His protection on them? Thanks. Essie

Dear Gospel Companion,
                        This is a small Church lead by Pastor Anthony. The converts are from poor Dalith Hindu background. They are worshiping in this small church shed. 
the pastor is doing this work with very small amounts collected from these poor people. We need to support this poor pastor and this church. Please uphold this one in your prayers.  But the seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop“(Luk 8:15). Your support is needed. I will be waiting in prayer for your blessed help soon. Thank you. God bless you….. Bro N Suresh babu, Evanelist.
                             GOOD NEWS TO THE POOR MINISTRIES, INDIA
                         Sunday Worship at ISKAPALEM on 29th/JuLY/2012
 Please pray and support with your gift amounts for the poor churches and pastors
                                        Bro N Suresh Babu, Nellore, India




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