Christians are like the Military

Christians are much like the military and the ranking of God’s angels. Some sit in the office planning the strike on the enemy (Apostles/Intercessors), some give orders (Pastors/preacher/Prophets), and some carry out the orders like Grunts (Evangelists/Teachers). 

No matter what rank you are, you are just as important as the others. None are greater. The Lord uses us all. Be encouraged. Be strong and vigilant for the enemy goes about roaring AS a lion, trying to devour people. 

Relax once we get to Heaven. Until then, we are on the Battlefield folks. This is not our home. 

God bless,

Rev Essie

P.S. I know some of you can get good and deep with this message. Feel free to add your comments below to minister to others. I’m not selfish. 

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