Ordinations with New BIrth? Yes!

 I hope that everyone is enjoying their studies. Remember to ask questions if the moment should occur. Discussion is always good.  Don't get left behind!I was asked if we Ordain and License here at NBBI. The answer is "yes". The difference between NBBI and most other online ordinations is that we are very observative and we do not license or … Continue reading Ordinations with New BIrth? Yes!


God blessed our day "The Scott’s"

Pittsburgh, Pa. is soooo beautiful. Spent time with my son and daughter today. It's been a couple of months since we talked over a good meal. Actually it was fun. My son took us to a huge hill that showed the splendor of the city of Pittsburgh. Someone prayed over that city. Had to. Had … Continue reading God blessed our day "The Scott’s"