Good Morning! 29 Jan 13

Good Morning everyone!
It’s early in the morning and I can feel God already can you? He is ever present and a help in time of need. We look to the hills from whence cometh our help. My help is in the Lord. 
Father God we thank you for a new morning. Thank you for watching over us and keeping us from harm. There are so many instances that we can report but we choose to testify about the goodness of our God. You are outstanding. Our highest description of you is wordless. There is no word good enough to describe you. You are a feeling of ecstacy that can only be achieved through Your Spirit. No pills, no drugs, no liquid of any kind can replace the feeling of being loved by The Most High God. More to thank you for. Selah.
There is none that can take your place. Fill our hearts with your Love so that we can give it to others. Fill our lives with everything that we need to make it in this life until Your Son Jesus/Yeshua comes to us again. 
Baruch Atah Adonai,
Your Daughter,

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