Christian Artist Hoszia Hinds: Can’t Live Without You (Official Christia…

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Bible Study tonight on "Preach It Already!"

WEDNESDAY NIGHT BIBLE STUDIES ARE BACK!  (8p)Praise the Lord,WEDNESDAY NIGHT BIBLE STUDIES ARE BACK! (8p)Live at 1-530-881-(1300) Access code 813181To listen to my latest messages, please call 530-881-(1399), then press 813181. I just started new ones so it will take a while to build up.It is set up now so that you can just call … Continue reading Bible Study tonight on "Preach It Already!"

Warrants prayer

Please pray for all those who are being picked up on Traffic Warrants when the Citation Numbers haven't even been registered in the Magistrate Courts yet. One broken turn signal can land you in jail now!Things are really heating up folks. Keep your noses clean and when something happens to you such as traffic, etc … Continue reading Warrants prayer

Porn Syphilis, Ramadan Bacon, Football Minnesota

  paulbegley34 just uploaded a video Help Center | Email Preferences paulbegley34 just uploaded a video: Porn Syphilis, Ramadan Bacon, Football Minnesota Are You Serious? Has the world "lost their minds"? Theologian Paul Begley of Indiana is stunned as the issues are also link More  © 2012 YouTube, LLC 901 Cherry Ave, San … Continue reading Porn Syphilis, Ramadan Bacon, Football Minnesota

Heavenly Memo: "Obvious Signs of change"

God showed me last night where He is pulling the plug on our water supply all around the Earth because of our disobedience and neglect. He showed me a basin full of green water, (not blue,) with a plug and told His angel to reach down and literally pull the plug.  While watching a few … Continue reading Heavenly Memo: "Obvious Signs of change"