Heavenly Memo: Am I my brother’s keeper?

Genesis 4:9

And the Lord said unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother? And he said, I know not: Am I my brother’s keeper?

The scripture above makes it evident that we are to help one another through life in whatever ways that we can. God has given us various talents. Some have the talent or what is called the “gift” of helps. Having that Gift fits the description below.

help |help|verb [ with obj. ]make it easier for (someone) to do something by offering one’s services orresources: Roger’s companion helped him with the rent | • improve (a situation or problem); be of benefit to: upbeat comments about prospects helped confidence | • with obj. ] assist (someone) to move in a specified direction: I helped her up.• (help someone on/off withassist someone to put on or take off (a garment).(help someone toserve someone with (food or drink): she helped herselfto a cookie.
Selfishness causes one to act as Cain did in Genesis when he killed his brother over the jealousy of the offerings. People can be jealous of you so much so that no matter what you do in your life, they will find something wrong. Some wait in the balance until you do something that they consider unattractive or wrong and then they attack you so quickly that it leaves you baffled. Please do not take this upon yourself as though you’ve done something wrong.
The careless answer that Cain gave God shows his disrespect toward Him, not to mention the lie that he told God. We need to be careful of the answers that we give God. He loves for us to talk to Him but we need to do it with reverence/respect. It makes one wonder how Cain treated his parents beforehand. Cain seems to be the type to live for the moment more than living for and through the Spirit. Do you know of anyone like this? They live aimlessly with no agenda or plan for their lives. What comes up, comes out to them. Cain had no remorse or thought toward the repercussions of his actions to the point of taking another man’s life. And he lived with a special mark on his forehead so that everyone else would know that he was different somehow. For those who feel marked by sin, Jesus can remove it. Talk to Him. Accept Him. Only Jesus can remove that mark.
His father surely told him and his brother of the experiences that he had with the Almighty that happened before they were born. Adam and Eve taught their children the ways of God or they wouldn’t have been offering gifts to God at that time. From their experiences, they knew the rights and the wrongs of things.There are some that listen and those that don’t. Cain and Abel, Martha and Mary, the Prodigal Child, etc.  He was under the influence of jealousy. When someone is under any influence of anything besides the Holy Spirit of God, they are likely to do anything or say anything. “Loose lips sink ships.” God doesn’t give us loose lips but Wisdom. Wisdom is our defense. 

Ecclesiastes 7:12

12  For wisdom is a defence, and money is a defence: but the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to them that have it.

To end, yes we are to take care of our brothers and sisters. Even our nations have programs that take care of those who cannot take care of themselves. Do not envy those who are being taken care of. Can you imagine how nasty our parks and nature trails would be if disabled people didn’t have a place to stay? Beside the human excrement there would be garbage of every type. Gone would be the beauty of nature. Please keep in prayer those who live that way now and cannot seem to find the proper help? Keep in mind that there are those who have been so hurt in life that they refuse help. Pray for them just like Jesus did and is doing now. He sits on the right hand of God making intercession for us……all.

Romans 8:34

34  Who is he that condemneth? It is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us.

Thank you Jesus. 

God bless you all,
Rev Esther R. Scott


Women in Ministry notes

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Gal.3:27-29 One in the Spirit. We may have different characteristics in the natural but none in spirit, we are all one in Jesus.
Eph 4: Given according to the gifts of Christ. Vs I5: body won ft be edified without both. Every joint supplies.
1 Cor 12:12-13 Baptized into the same body. Vs 18 it pleased him. Vs 25: same care one for another.
ICor 14:33 Decently and in order. Two heads are a monster. There is a structure.
Women, have place in government and leadership of the
Women in Leadership Roles:
Ex. 15: 2O-2.1 Miriam, the prophetess. Moses’sister. A praiser and dancer. God put her into leadership. Aaron, Moses and Miriam led Israel……together.
Micah 6:4 Moses, Aaron and Miriam (as leaders set by God.) This was said by the Lord himself. She ended up with leprosy by being unsubmissive.
IChron. 7:24 A builder of cities. Sherah.
Judges 4:4 Deborah the prophetess, was ajudge. Prophets office more of a judge’s office. Deborah and Barak. 
2 Kings 22:14-20 Huldah
Isaiah 8:3 Isaiah had a baby to his wife, the prophetess.
Neh. 16:14 Noadiah, the false prophetess.
Esther 4: did whatever she commanded. God used her as a savior for Israel.
Luke 2:36 Anna, aprophetess, very old. 1stperson to preach the gospel.
Mary Magdalene. Luke 24:9,ll-preached the resurrection of Jesus. Women were with Jesus all the way to the cross. Other disciples didn ‘t go all the way, only John. The men ran to hide.
Acts, Day of Pentecost: women were with the disciples when the tongues of fire came upon them..
Acts, Priscilla andAquilla (a husband and wife ministry team.) 6 times their names are mentioned 3 times equally. 3 times=p 3 times=a & p
1 Cor 14: women to be silent in churches, not to teach a man.  The purpose? Women were correcting their husbands during church service, which was not appropriate. After all, how can women be prophetesses if they are to remain silent in church? Not to be taken out of context.
APOLLOS (mighty in scripture), Pricilla andAcquilla taught him. HERE WE HAVE A WOMAN TEACHING A MAN. She just didn’t remain quiet. Husband could have taught Apollos himself and Apollo’s was willing to be taught.
Romans 16:3-4 Paul refers to them.. They were active among Gentiles preaching the gospel. “Helper”, co-leader, fellow laborer. Companion in work, not a subordinate. Word indicates an equal place.
Vs 5: Churches were in houses then. Priscilla andAcquilla, co-pastors, co-teachers. Ministers together.
ICor. 9:5 sister, a wife. Cephas (another name for Peter.) Peter took his wife with him.. Remember when his mother in law got sick? Bible doesn’t give Peter’s wife’s name because she was not active in ministry. A number of artworks show women in ministry. They were central positions in the church.
Roms. 16:7 Andronieus and Junta (another couple, the female name.)
Vs 1 & 2 Phoebe, make yourself available to her, a servant of the church of Caesarea. Deaconess (attendant or waiter.) Christian, teacher,pastor, deacon or (ess). Poimen= (pastor.} (Teacher)- Didasklos Deaconess=Diakonos.
ICor. 16:16 Submit to all who help us. Help-“co-laborers.” ITim. 3:16 Conditions of deacons, bishops. Women (gune). No requirement about pastor’s wife. Deacons rule their house as well. Plinys letter to Trajan “subjecting to torture of 2 female slaves who were called ‘deaconesses.’ ” Evidence of deaconesses. In church, everybody was equal Slaves outside but holding offices in churches.
Acts 9:36 Tabitha, (a disciple). Had to have some type of position in the church. She had to be respected. Widows showed Peter all the things she did. You get that “we can’t lose her” feeling.
ICor. 14:31 prophesy one by one. A learning (teaching.)
“Inspired speaking.” “Foretelling.” Prophecy tells no future. It comforts and teaches.
See chapter 11:5,6 women teaching. How can men say women cannot teach or preach?
See chapter 14:31 Ye ALL may prophecy. “Women silent in churches” is a major contradiction because how can a woman prophecy if she is to keep her mouth shut?
Act 21:9 four daughters teaching in the church. Virgins maintained virginity. Counteraction to the world. Paul was single. They have consecrated themselves to God. (Much like nuns today.)
Presbuteros (female=presbytery.) Elder, can be a woman as well. Presbutes (mate.)
Prophets, evangelists (Mary Magdalene,) Teacher. (Priscilla), Deaconess (Phoebe), Leader (Deborah)
Ex 2:16-19 Daughters shepherding theflock. In the
natural, what are they??? Shepherds! The occasion? Father was too old and he had no sons.
Or 3:1- Now Moses takes over. Women pastoring in a temporary place.
Gen 29:9-10: Rachel tending fathers sheep. Laban has
sons but-maybe his sons are tooyoung, disinterested, etc. God will use a woman but does (did) prefer a man. Number 27:16 Set a man over the congregation.
ITim 3:1-4: Office of Bishop desire. How you do your own home,you’ll do God’s house. Single mothers have to pastor their flock. God will not forsake them.
Eph 5:22. Wife not to teach over her husband nor usurp authority over her husband. Don’t exalt your ministry over your husband. No domination over your husband or you will spread rebellion in the church.
ORDER: God, Christ, mate, family, ministry. 1 Cor 11:3-5
Acts 2:16,17 “I will pour out my Spirit upon ALL flesh “
not a specific class of people, “and your sons and daughters shall prophecy” “handmaidens” speak under divine inspiration.
Numbers 27:7,8 God caused daughters to inherit their fathers stuff.
Deborah, a Judge. Wife of Lapidoth (Judges 4:4),also a mother 5:7 A prophetess, leader of her people during a 20-year era of oppression at the hands of Jabin, a
Canaanite King. God speaks through her to Barak with instruction about how to overcome Sisers and Jabins army. He tells her in 4:8 “if you go, I will go.” He trusts her andfeels strongly about her accompanying him.. Judges 4:9 “the Lord will hand Sisera over to a woman. ” Deborah was a strong woman. 
Luke 8:1-3 Joanna supported Jesus’ ministry. Was interested in him.. Wanted to give her all, Mary Magdalene also, who was delivered of seven demons. Committed themselves to follow Jesus. Wanted to comfort Him and meet His needs. Provided for Him From their substance. Joanna means, “Jehovah has been gracious.” It was her nature to give. These women preached the resurrection of Jesus. Luke 24:10 Love and Service. As Bishop T.D. Jakes puts It, “he delights in revealing the power of His resurrection to their disbelieving eyes and ears. He still does this today!” John 20:11-18 Women were the 1st to see Jesus after resurrection.
Luke 7:44-47 Jesus proceeds to tell the whisperers that
the woman who washed His feet did more than they (men) did. They gave him no kiss nor water for his feet. It was Jewish custom, to give a basin to wash your feet, Simon the Pharisee overlooked it, the kiss also.
Acts 17:4,12 Chief among women, honorable women. Luke 8:1,2,3 women who ministered with Jesus, (Susanna, Joanna.)
Pastor Essie Scott
Special sympathetic service rendered,
Creation and Temptation of: Gen 1:2-7, 2:22,3:1,6,13 2 Cor 11:3,1 Tim 2:14
Rights of: Num 27:1-8
The Subjection of: Gen 3:16, ICo 11:3,14:34, Ep 5:22,
ITim 2:11, IPet 3:1,5
As W ives: Gen 2:18 Ps 128:3 Pr 12:4,18:22.19:14 Examples of the Persistence of:
1. Delilah Judg 16:16
2.. The Shuanamite 2Kings 4:30 3. The Syrophenician Mark 7:26 4. The Widow Luke 18:5
Work of:
1. Manual Labor Ex 35:25 Ru 2:7 ISam 8:13 Pr 31:13,24
2- As Housekeepers Gen 27:19 ISam 8:13 Pr 31:15 Luke 10:40
3. Beautifying the tabernacle Ex 35:2-5
4. Acting asjudges Judg 4:4 5: 7
5 Motherly duties ISam 2:19 2-Kings 4:20
6. Meeting an emergency and saving her household
1 Sam 25:18
7. Philanthropy Ac 9:36
8. Serving the church Ro 16:1 Ph 4:9
Women’s Ministry
Hospitality to the Prophet 2Kings 4:10 Kindness to the Poor Pr 31:20
Contributing to Christ’s comfort Matt 27:55 56 Anointing Christ Mk 14:3
Washing the Savior’s FeetLu 7:37, 38
Serving the Church Rom 16:1,2
Co-laborers with Paul Ro 16:3,6,12. ITim 5:10 Prophetesses Miriam Ex 15:20 Deborah Judg 4:4 Huldah 2Kings 22:14 Anna Luke 2:36
Daughters of Philip Acts 21:9
Church Workers Priscilla Acts 18:26 Rom 16:3 Phoebe
Ro 16:1,2 Others Ph 4:3 Notable Women
Eve Gen 3:6 / Hagar the discarded wife Gen 21:14-19
/ Miriam, the ambitious woman Num.. 12:1,2 /Deborah the patriotic woman Judg 4:4 / Ruth the woman of constancy Ruth 1:16 / Hannah the ideal mother ISam 1:201 Abigail the capable woman ISam 25:3,18,19 / The Shunamite the hospitable woman 2Kings 4:18-19 /
ESTHER the self-sacrificing woman, who exposed sin. Esther meaning “STAR”. Esther 4:16 / The Syrophencian the woman of faith Mt 15:28 / Mary Magdalene the transformed woman Mk 16:1,9 / Elisabeth the humble woman Luke 1:43 / Mary the woman chosen of God
Luke 1:30-38 / Mary of Bethany the woman immortalized by Christ Matt 26:13 Luke 10:42 /
Martha the worried housekeeper Luke 10:40 / The woman Evangelist Jn 4:29 / Dorcas, the benevolent seamstress Ac 9:36 / Lydia the business woman Acts 16:14,15
Some special distinctions of women:
Last at the cross Mk 15:47
First at the tomb Jn 20:1
First toproclaim, the resurrection Mt 28:8
First preacher to the Jews Luke 2:37, 38
Attended thefirst prayer meeting Acts 1:14
First to get Christian missionaries (Paul and Silas) in Europe Ac 16:13
First European convert Ac 16:14
Modesty Gen 24:65 ITim 2: 9,10, IPet 3:1,2
Liberality Ex 35:25 Pr 31:20 Lu 8:2,3 Jn. 12:3 Acts
Virtue Pr 11:16 Pr 12:4 Pr 14:1 Pr 31:10 Pr 31:30
Rev Essie Scott
(some typos occur during conversion of the file. If you find any and cannot comprehend it please feel free to email me at revessie@yahoo.com. God bless.)
{refs. Thompson. Chain reference
Strongs Concordance} 

Israel WILL inherit the Land

Be strong and courageous for you shall come with this people to the Land that the Lord swore to their forefathers to give them, and you shall cause them to inherit it.  

חֲזַק וֶאֱמָץ כִּי אַתָּה תָּבוֹא אֶת הָעָם הַזֶּה אֶל הָאָרֶץ אֲשֶׁר נִשְׁבַּע יְ-הוָה לַאֲבֹתָם לָתֵת לָהֶם וְאַתָּה תַּנְחִילֶנָּה אוֹתָם
דברים ל”א:ז

kha-ZAK ve-eh-MATZ kee ah-TAH ta-VO et ha-AM ha-ZEH el ha-ah-RETS ah-SHARE neesh-BA ah-do-NAI la-ah-vo-TAM la-TET la-HEM ve-ah-TAH tan-khee-LE-noo oh-TAM

Today’s Photograph
The Jewish army holds their swearing in ceremony at Judaism’s holiest site: the Western Wall. Adam Ingalls captured this great shot of IDF soldiers being sworn and recieving a gun and a Bible.  

Today’s Bible Lesson
The Jews have always been known as the “People of the Book” because of our passion for the sacred Scriptures. Through every trial and tribulation, the Torah has been the heart and soul of the Jewish people and the Nation of Israel has loyally served as the guardians of God’s Word throughout the generations.